Future Ready

8 March 2022

Taking learning beyond the lecture featuring Ryerson University

At Ryerson University, Experience Ventures gives students the chance to apply their skills to real-world challenges. Ashnie Badal says the “science” in “Science Discovery Zone” often […]
8 March 2022

Putting talent to work at home featuring Memorial University of Newfoundland

Experience Ventures is boosting Newfoundland’s tech scene. That means young entrepreneurs don’t have to leave the province to find rewarding opportunities.  Newfoundland has a rich history […]
8 March 2022

Seeing the big picture featuring York University

Students at York University leverage Experience Ventures to make new connections on campus and in the wider community When York University got the chance to join […]
8 March 2022

Solving for tomorrow featuring the University of Calgary

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is preparing students for the future—whatever it holds With apologies to psychics and fortune tellers, no one can tell what […]
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