23 August 2023

Experience Ventures National Conference: Fostering Entrepreneurial Thinking Across Canada

May 17 to 19, 2023 marked the first in-person Experience Ventures National Conference, which saw partners from post-secondary institutions across the country gather in Banff, Alberta […]
22 August 2023

Students sink their teeth into the Experience Ventures National Hackathon

Three teams pitched in the final of the second annual hackathon. Students were motivated to address food security.  Student teams served food for thought at the […]
22 August 2023

The 2023 Experience Ventures National Hackathon asks, “Where does our food come from?”

Quick, pitch an outline for a proposed solution to this problem: What accessible, impactful, and scalable solutions can post-secondary schools implement to improve food security for […]
22 August 2023

McMaster students help innovative marketing startup build trust one user at a time

When was the last time you bought a product based on an ad? How about something promoted by an influencer? Most people probably wouldn’t admit to […]
22 August 2023

Student placements pay dividends for Toronto startup

Startups need talent support, and students need resume-building opportunities, but how does one find the other? The Apprentice Program at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Innovation Boost Zone, […]
22 August 2023

Rethinking the Art Museum at Queen’s University

What comes to mind when you think “art museum”?  White walls? Silence? Knowing you’ll be in big trouble if you touch anything? The Agnes Etherington Art […]
22 August 2023

How to grow a solar farm

Allison Guthrie was on her way to class at the University of Calgary when she spotted a poster in the science building that asked: “Do you […]
22 August 2023

Catch a rising star

Interstellar travel captures the imaginations and intellects of University of Ottawa students in an Experience Ventures hackathon  Seyed Ibrahim Hosseini has his feet on the ground, […]
22 August 2023

Deep Tech CEO finds freedom in student partnerships

Viridiana Perez is a PhD, a CEO, a company founder, — and a problem-solver. After moving to Canada from Mexico City to study chemistry, she found […]
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